Month: March 2016

Why This is Not the Year to Call Me “Nice”

  I ace all courses on conflict avoidance and other-people’s-anger management. I disappear at a whiff of relational difficulty. So, anytime I’ve stepped into the fight, I remember. Like the time, years ago, when I plucked up the… Read More

Getting to the Root of Niceness

  . . . or Why You Wouldn’t Have Wanted to Be a “Nice Girl” in Chaucer’s Time You learn a lot by studying the history of a word. The Latin root of “nice” is nescius (picture Toula’s… Read More

Nice People Anonymous

  Niceness Recovery Step 1 Admit you have a problem. As a recovering “nice” person, the first step I took was to confess it to my husband. My name is Nancy.  And I’m a nice-aholic. I told him… Read More

The Year of Not Being Nice or What I Gave Up for Lent

My new year’s resolution is to stop being so “nice.” Don’t get me wrong. I’m not going to start being nasty. It just means I don’t want to end up with this on my tombstone: Of course, I… Read More