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The Top Ten Things I Learned from the Year of Not Being Nice

  The Year of Not Being Nice was launched because I was tired of being the bobble head N.I.C.E gal and wanted to break free from bland to brave. I didn’t expect my bravery to come from unmasking… Read More

What Do You Mean I’m the Elder Sister? But I’m So . . . Nice

This “Year of Not Being Nice” has been good and bad.  Good in that I’m learning to stand up, speak truth in love, and break my auto-apologizing habit. Family and friends see less of Saint Nancy the Nice… Read More

The Clash of the Women Conventions

    Or what happens when the Tennessee Titan Cheerleader Tryouts, the Junior League of Nashville, and the Tennessee Red Hat Society end up at the Grand Ole’ Opry Hotel at the same time? The Grand Ole Opry… Read More

In the Game of “No, You First . . . .”

Have you ever played that ping-pong game of “No, you first”                               “No, you take it”                … Read More

Getting to the Root of Niceness

  . . . or Why You Wouldn’t Have Wanted to Be a “Nice Girl” in Chaucer’s Time You learn a lot by studying the history of a word. The Latin root of “nice” is nescius (picture Toula’s… Read More